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OHMASCON is committed to delivering quality power supplies to their customers ensuring they not only receive a competitive price but also a highly reliable product.

Our Quality Management System for the manufacture of ruggedised custom power supplies is AS9100 Rev D compliant. Click here to view certificate

Patented technologies, best in class equipment, robust processes and rigorously trained staff enable us to maintain highest standard of quality control.

By adopting fine controls and repeatable processes, we ensure every unit meets the exacting electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements of our Customer.

Maintaining our Quality Standards requires a commitment from our suppliers to maintain the same. In order to achieve this,  following requirements are to be met by all our current and potential suppliers: Supplier Quality Requirements

Quality Objectives

Quality is a pervasive component in every aspect of OHMASCON’s product design, development and production – from evaluation of customer requirements, to purchasing, inspection & testing of components, during production and finally testing

Customer Satisfaction

Quality, reliability, on-time delivery as our first priority

Quality by Design

Structured design effort from first stages of development through the full product life cycle

Reducing Variability

Optimizing product design and process capabilities to decrease variability for increased quality.

Quality Assurance

Continuous training of employees for skill augmentation and technical competency.